Letter from our Director

August 2016


Time is fast approaching for Life Chain 2016.  Please be in prayer that God would bless our efforts to be a voice for the unborn.  Each year I try to come up with something new to say that will stir the hearts of people to stand and pray for the unborn.  I am reminded of the story of the pastor who was asked why he repeated some sermons he had preached before and he replied that the sins in those sermons were being repeated.  We as a nation are still taking the lives of unborn babies.  That alone should be all that we need to hear to motivate us.  Why do we need to hear anything new?  Isn’t the life of a child worth one hour of our time?

I would like to thank everyone who helps with Life Chain.  Paul Tartt is the backbone of Life Chain.  Marcus King provides this web site.  Carolina Christian Radio, K-Love and Wilmington Catholic Radio are generous with airtime.  St Matthews Lutheran Church, Freedom Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church and Scotts Hill Baptist Church allow us to use their facilities.  Thanks to all the pastors and coordinators at partner churches.  Thanks to those who help me make phone calls, print and mail letters, sort and count posters and work at the tent.  A special thanks to those who provide vehicles.  If Life Chain is a success, it is because of your dedication and hard work.  Again, thank you.

We must continue to stand and speak for those who are unable to do so for themselves.